Our vision is to develop goaltenders that that excel in CLUTCH situations. CLUTCH is what we teach at CLUTCH GOALTENDING CLINICS.

Better Use of Ice Time
Eliminate the need for additional and expensive other goalie lessons by incorporating one-on-one Goalie Clinics into your practices. Lower ratio instructor to goaltender sessions are more beneficial than being one of several Goaltenders on the ice at once. This also prevents poor technique from sneaking into practice drills and “hockey burn-out.”

ASSERT-REACT Butterfly Technique
Our Goalies are taught to ASSERT themselves by challenging shooters to make difficult plays. Our goalies are then taught the fine details of how to REACT to these plays by incorporating the Butterfly Technique to their fullest potential. Passive Butterfly habits are corrected to help goalies control games, not just stop pucks.

Encourage Fun through Increased Ability
Our Mission is to improve your Goalie to compete at the best of their ability. We understand that by improving their game in a positive and competitive environment, this will translate into added in-game fun and success.

Our philosophy at CLUTCH GOALTENDING CLINICS is Goaltenders fall into one of three different skill levels:

LEVEL I NOVICE: Basic Goaltending techniques are required to be taught and learned
LEVEL II CONFIDENT: Goalie applies propper technique with confidence when the stopping puck
LEVEL III CONTROL: Goalie has the ability to control the outcome of plays with their technique

We will adjust our lessons and drills according to your Goaltender’s level of skill. We will ensure we teach your Goaltenders the confidence, work ethic, and technique to enable them to progress through the different levels of play to the best of their abilities.