Often more than not, high caliber goaltending schools in Ottawa are over-booked and many of our local teams are not fortunate to have a dedicated “Goalie-Coach” for their players, especially in the house league levels and girls leagues. That was all the inspiration I needed to create CLUTCH GOALTENDING CLINICS.

Goaltending is better learned in smaller groups rather than large class sessions. That is why we offer our services to teams during their regular practices: your goaltenders get the benefit of one-on-one instruction. We are very experienced in working our drills and lessons into regular practice plans:

○ During Forward/Defense skating drills we take your Goalie(s) and work on their technique.
○ If you have 2 Goalies and your drill(s) requires only one Goalie, we work with each Goaltender not involved.
○ Drills incorporating both Goaltenders, we correct and encourage your Goalies during the drills.
○ As an option, we can even “pylon off” one of the quarter-ends of the ice and do a full-practice Goalie Clinic.
○ After practice we give an evaluation on each Goalie’s strengths and areas to continue to improve


Since starting my clinics in the Ottawa-Gatineau Region, I have been a dedicated Goaltending Coach for different AA and AAA associations as a certified Hockey Canada Coach. However, CLUTCH GOALTENDING CLINICS are for all age groups and levels of play: I have had the pleasure of instructing beginner and experienced girls and boys with great success. Regardless of age and level of play, we know that with our help, your Goalies can become CLUTCH GOALTENDERS.